Rick Cummings Photoblog


Chantalle off the shoulder

Chantalle has become a wonderful photographer. It seems the more she shoots the more she opens up in front of the camera.  I am enjoying watching how she is emerging as an artist on both sides of the camera.


Pam twirling a vintage white dress

Pam brought her grandmothers wedding dress to the studio for a shoot.


Blurry Mirna in black and white with eyes closed

I have tons of photo of Mirna from a series of sessions a few years ago.  For many of the photos I use a Lensbaby to add some blurriness to parts of the image to give it an impressionistic feel.


Anastasia looking left

This is from a session with Anastasia last winter.


Basia wearing green shoes

This is from my first session with Basia last year. She brought this awesome dress that showed off her legs and added these green shoes a friend had donated to the studio.


A black and white photo of Sara in the hallway wearing a fancy dress

Sara brought the amazing dress to our portrait class.  This session of the portrait class work on character to imply a story.  The dress had a persona of its own, luckily Sara has the presence not to be overshadowed by such a big statement.  We did this photo in the hallway outside my studio.


Blurry Emma in a frilly dress

I have only done one of my own shoots with Emma and one for a client, and we well together.  She has not any modeling before our sessions and she is a natural and comfortable in front of the camera.  We had lots of laughs at our session yet, there is a classic feel to this image that fits Emma’s vibe in this dress.  The Lensbaby gives the photo an impressionistic quality.


Chantalle close up

Chantalle has taken up the camera and is quite the photographer.  She has been doing lots of boudoir shoots with friends and clients with an emphasis on empowerment.  I have noticed how the more she shoots the more empowered she is for our sessions.


Blurry Pam in a vintage white dress

Pam brought her grandmothers wedding dress to a shoot. It looked great on her.  I used a Lensbaby to add some ephemeral, blurriness in the skirt of the dress.


Mirna with her head in the clouds

There is a great location not far from my studio that has good vantage point for using the sky as a background and rock features.  This is from a few years ago with Mirna .